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About Anderson Floor Company, Inc.

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Since 1993, homeowners have trusted Anderson Floor to provide them with exceptional hardwood floors. Our achievements in the wood flooring industry as well as our high ratings with the Better Business Bureau, Angi (Formerly Angie’s List) and NARI prove our dedication to the trade. That is why we were hand-picked by Bona in 2010 to become a Certified Craftsman company, an honor only given to a limited number of flooring contractors in the country.

We follow the “best practices” of the industry. Our qualified, well-trained hardwood floor installers and finishers have pride in their workmanship. No cutting corners or shortcuts on procedures at this company! We use manually driven tools to install our floors using a system developed in the l940’s. We apply our finishes in a way that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s recommended coverage on the finish products. We will always make sure we have the proper electrical plugs to do your wood flooring project. We have a 100% workmanship guarantee.

Dust containment/evacuation equipment: We have respect for our customers and their homes. Thus we utilize Bona’s Atomic Dust Containment units to keep your house as dust-free as possible. The equipment eliminates the nightmare of dust everywhere. You will get a higher quality result by eliminating the airborne dust from settling into the finish and gives a healthier working environment.

Greenguard certified finishes by Bona; the best seals, stains & finishes available: Anderson Floor has taken the step to be environmentally responsible with lower than VOC compliant sealers and finishes. These finishes have high-wear resistance, are non-yellowing, non-flammable, excellent chemical resistance, formaldehyde free and virtually odorless. Since they are fast drying and fast curing, multiple coats can be applied in a single day. Bona’s products are considered top of the line in the industry. For more information on the Greenguard Certification, go to

We have the resources to do any wood floor project: With the variety of options available in design, layout and species of wood used, wood floors are only limited to your imagination! Scott Anderson has over 40 years of experience (life-time) and designs many of his own borders and medallions.

We have developed systems to color condition your wood floors: It has taken years to develop techniques to give you unique, rich, deep colors to any specie of wood.

We are fully insured, including workers compensation: Contractors not covered by these policies leave you unprotected. Anderson Floor also complies with the Asbestos Abatement regulations of 2000 and is a Lead Certified Company following the Lead Abatement regulations of 2010. It is important to follow these practices because contractors that do not know the proper procedures to follow can contaminate your living environment which could result in serious consequences; legal as well as health-wise.

We are at your home the day your job is scheduled: Our men are professional and courteous. We respect the fact that our clients have busy schedules. Thus we feel that communication is important. We can provide reminder calls and progress/completion calls as requested by our clients. Knowing when your job is completed is helpful information, so just ask to stay informed when scheduling your job!

Our estimates are complete: A quality job takes professional workmen, quality equipment and top of the line products. We do not believe in low bidding then piling on charges as the job progresses. There are no hidden charges and our bids spell out exactly what work is performed and what products are being used on your wood floor project.

Wood Floor

Among the obvious things you should be asking for when interviewing potential contractors are experience, proper insurance, applicable licenses and references. The wood flooring industry is an unlicensed trade. Virtually anyone can purchase equipment and materials and refinishing hardwood floors. There is no one to formally train guys on the proper procedures to be used and there is no apprentice program, unlike other contractors like electricians or plumbers. There are also no requirements to be considered a “skilled craftsman”. Make sure your contractor is committed to the industry and to ongoing training. There are independent organizations that the contractor can send his employees to for proper training/schooling. However, these schools take time and money since a tuition fee is always attached to the classes.

The other important items you should be asking about include what kind of finishes and dust containment your contractor uses. These two should be at the top of your list because one determines how long your floor finish will look good and the other determines how much prep and clean up Will be needed before, during and after the flooring process.

A decade or so ago the most common type of finish used was an oil-based polyurethane. They had extremely noxious odors and dry times that took days, not hours, to cure and dissipate. Additionally, they were harmful to the environment because of the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) they emitted into the air as they cured and solvents used in the manufacture. Now the gold standard in wood floor finish is waterborne polyurethane. These finishes have much lower VOC’s and are friendly to the air quality in your home and the environment. They have three to four hour dry times, minimal odor and are considerably more durable than oil-based products. This is good news for the homeowner because they no longer have to vacate their house while the refinishing process is going on and it makes the process faster and more convenient.

One of the major advancements in the hardwood flooring industry during the past decade is dust containment. In the old days canvas bags hooked up to the sanding equipment as the only form of dust control. In an occupied home, going through a refinishing process meant months of clean-up afterward for the homeowner. It should be a requirement that the contractor you hire have some sort of dust containment system. But be aware, there are some really great systems and others that are not very effective.

Because of the economy everyone is looking for bargains. But you must distinguish between a bargain and value when comparing your estimates. If the contractor says he will apply two coats of a waterborne finish, ask your contractor to specify the name of the products he uses, and then do your own independent research online to verify his claims. There is a very big difference between the $20.00/ gallon finish you can buy at Home Depot (bargain) and the $110.00/gallon Bona Traffic finish (value) that reputable companies use. Just like anything, the better quality of finish used, the more longevity you will receive in the wear of your hardwood floor and the less attention it will need in the future in the way of re-coating or refinishing.